October 27th, 2018 Lagos, Nigeria

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Tubosun Omiyale

Tubosun Omiyale was born in city of tudu-wada in Kaduna, Nigeria to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Omiyale, the father from Ekiti State and his mum From Lagos state. He’s the 4th of the five children. Tubosun grew up in Lagos. He is a graduate of Computer Science from Landmark University, Kwara State.

A young motivational speaker, who has dedicated himself to helping youth make a success out of life. Founder/President of Success Motivational World Initiative a leadership/social innovation hybrid-organization designed to help young individuals contribute to national development. He is also a Co-CEO/Creative designer of Nation Bites.


Omowunmi Ajao

Omowunmi Ajao is a dedicated Welfare officer of Success Motivational World Initiative and also the CEO of Nation Bite a branded organization in Nigeria which specializes in baking of cakes and also training of individuals inspiring to be proficient in cake baking. She is a final year student of Business Administration at university of Lagos.

She started her Journey in life when she came as a gift to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Ajao both hails Kwara State, Nigeria. She is the last of 7 children. Born in Ketu Lagos, Nigeria. Her love is richly felt as the Last born of the family and extended families of the Ajao's.

We Love Each Other

Our Story

We can't get enough of our past telling our stories, we are only inspired by our today's deeds as we seek for the light at the end of our tunnel.

  • Our First Connection

    March 7, 2007

    I must say, I think "our story" is pretty interesting. It’s a life of two weak dreamers that started their togetherness about 11years ago. However love happened. It’s a love to dream big, love full of constrains and uncertainties. A love life locked in the middle of loss and gain. It’s a love journey that left them in the middle of an ocean, just like titanic. For us death wasn’t an option as Jack chooses death over Rose. For me, I did keep the faith against all odds; I choose to live with the one I found “me” in her. With faith we both jumped the huddles of life, journey through the stormy life quests, believing GOD with eagerness for a new day to come.


    But faith has her own ways of proving the hopes and wishes of mankind alive. I wish Jack understood this before his encounter with death. Even at the last breathe of one’s existence, faith says ‘to live or to die is a choice’, it’s your call! I was a young school cert holder who gave his commitment to the ministry of reconciliation where I met Omowunmi Ajao. I believe my hard work in “helping many become better than the way I met them” gave my aeon the audacity to reaching out to her. She was innocent and new convert to Christendom, likewise to the true definition of existence. Hmmm……………Now you are in a Movie?

    (Abeg make I change my style of writing ooooo before I write a full novel.)

    After a year she was dedicated to the things of God, we became good team players, converting many to Christ as we walk in most streets of Lagos. Her meekness was felt, really submissive and gave herself to be mentored. After 3 years, we were in a pep talk area, I could feel me in her, I mean the duplicate of me, she could answer questions the way I reason, address issues in same manner and cultivate godly culture alike. I was popped to say “I will marry you” LOL! She, laugh out loud. Her facial expression was like; that’s a question from the honest hunter who has no gun and trap, yet claims to hunt an anaconda down. I had nothing in mind but to act on my words and prove her expression wrong. I took note of her pains and struggles ensuring the work of the master is done, even when its like we are not marking personal progress. We ate together with the little we had, gave out our very best even when it’s not convenient. She is just amazingly faithful with the little. I couldn't but say to her of my words “if you don’t struggle with me today, you have no right to feature in my future”. I help on to this words, I couldn’t see any woman who work into my quote and get me off tracks. I guess she was wowed after my time at the university I was still single, yes, single for her I guess the future is here now, it is beginning of new things to come, and she did keep to words even when they seem unreal. But this is the prove “that things which are seen are subject to change and things not seen are eternal”


  • Lol!

    October 27, 2018

    How can I top that story now?

    I won't even try.

    Tubosun has a special way of making everything look and sound beautiful with the use of his golden mind. What a good match since I need all the help I can get in that department. It’s so amazing how he started the journey of cake business for me with the sum of N10, 000 a business that now generates ……. revenue Yearly. Like he say “you must go to school”, even when am mocked among the pal graduates, he has a way of helping me stay focus and determined. Here I am, getting married and my final papers is just in two weeks away. I'm very grateful that we found each other. He has added so much to my life. Tubosun has a heart of gold and has a positive outlook on everything. It’s so beautiful to join his life quest as his life partner.

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